About us


MC Textiles was established in the year 1993 to produce ‘’private labels” for international brands involving its professional manpower and modern, sophisticated and high capacity production capability.

MC Textiles was established with 100% Turkish capital to develop production without any compromise on principles of quality. The focus on working towards perfectionism led to improvement in terms of both quality and quantity.


Whilst approaching the year 2000, the importance was put forward to see the front company growing its R&D investments and accelerating its branding activities for the upcoming millennium in view of the beginning of the era for the men’s sportswear brand MXC SPORT.

MC Textile’s again achieved quality production with its own brand after responding fast on demand from its clients with the Speed Life brand introduced to the market.

MC Textile was established for the textile industry with dynamic objectives in quality from an always visionary management team sharing an above average passion, an interest in the fashion and permanent desire to always improve the MXC Sport and Speed Life brands marked by its innovative style.

Today, the trend is followed with collections created by designers reinterpretating their own creativity based on the 3 principles of “ quality- performance- style” together. A successful  team optimises the work experience of years to create the model by completing the concept offering taste to consumers.

MC Textile exports MXC Sport and Speed Life brands to Russia , Bulgaria , Greece , Hungary , Portugal , Morocco , Dubai , Romania , Ukraine , Algeria, Jordan , Iran ,Iraq , Lebanon and all Turkish Republics and further expands the concept of the “shop-in-shop” corner formed by dealers and distribution channels day by day.

MC Textile is running a non-stop branding marathon with the ‘’run, never stop‘’ slogan and the built in-house ‘’team sports’’ section which performs for many football team tracksuits and creates products in the international arena.